Since 2007 Dançoise has been living between Canton Zurich and California with her husband. In September 2011 the pair welcomed a son to the family and decided to settle permanently in Switzerland. Inspired by the birth of her son, she decided to leave her job as a marketing manager to follow her passion as a culinary artist and cake designer. Her hourney started from the basement in their family home.


Dançoise attended culinary school at The Art Institute in Los Angeles and Johnson & Wales in Denver, before completing her International Business degree at San Diego State University. Later she decided to participate in PME training to acquire the Sugar Craft certification recognized in 84 countries around the world. Finally to complete her professional training she attended the Bonnie Gordon College in Toronto, Canada. In addition to her formal training she attende classes at some of the most famous cake decorators in the world namely Eddie Spence, Karen Portaleo, Debbie Brown, Kaysie Lackey, Carlos Lischetti and Mike McCarey.


I want to inspire strong women all over the world and show them that you can do anything as long as you have the passion and the drive for it. When I moved to Switzerland I quickly realized just being a mother wasn't my thing and so I started my quest of becoming Switzerland's best known cake decorator in the cellar of my family home. Today, five years later after a lot of sweat, blood and tears I have my own store in Zurich, Enge and cater with my team to some of the most influential people and companies in Switzerland. I welcome you now to join my next quest to become the first Swiss-based international TV personality."