The first Docu-Series on the Art of Cake


Cake Life & Style is a docu-series following Dançoise, a Switzerland based cake artist, entrepreneur, and California native, on her journey to revolutionizing the cake industry. Meet the most elite cake artists in the world as you accompany Dançoise on her travels around the world to visits her friends for inspiration and collaboration. 

What It is

Cake Life & Style is a behind-the-scenes docu-series following Dançoise – a Switzerland based cake artist, entrepreneur, and California native – on her journey to revolutionizing the cake industry. Meet the most elite cake artists in the world as you accompany Dançoise on her travel around the world to visits her friends for inspiration and collaboration. Become part of the festivities as their works of art captivate, commemorate and celebrate their clients. Explore the romance of bakery life and confront the realities beyond confectionery smiles, creative icings and decadent  desserts.


Each season will have 10 episodes. The goal of this Kickstarter is to finance the first 3 episodes and then to attract global brands to ensure the popularity and long term success of the show.

The first 3 episodes will feature the cake artists Karen Portoleo, Mike McCarey and Christian Giardina.

Why We’re Making It

No. 1 I believe we can create a very entertaining show.

Second I want to inspire strong women all over the world and show them that you can do anything as long as you have the passion and the drive for it. When I moved to Switzerland nobody wanted to hire a marketer that didn’t speak fluent German  I quickly realized just being a mother wasn’t my thing and so I started my. quest of becoming Switzerland’s best known cake decorator in the cellar of my family home.

Today, five years later after a lot of sweat, blood and tears I have my own store in Zurich, Enge and cater with my team to some of the most influential people and companies in Switzerland. I welcome you now to join my next quest to become the TV host of Cake Life & Style.

How We’re going to Do It

We found a camera crew that shared our passion for this project and we were able to create some material on a budget to give you a sneak peak of what the show will look like. Whenever possible we will use the same people but especially when traveling abroad it will be more feasible to hire a local crew. Most of the budget will go towards filming, editing, travel expenses and promoting the videos. The Videos will be featured on our Facebook Page with 36’000 fans and also on the facebook pages of Karen Portoleo (101’000 fans), MikeMcCarey (82’000 fans) and Christian Giardina (4’400 fans). With enough buzz we will even be able to get the TV stations interested in the show. The goal is to attract corporate Sponsors as early as possible to ensure the long-time success of the Campaign. Currently we already received a commitment from global brands Miele and Nielsen-Massey Vanillas for corporate spnsorship.

The Works

Some of the most amazing Art from Mike McCarrey, Karen Portoleo and Christian Giardina. The exact artists that will be covered during our first 3 episodes. Let’s make this show happen!


The first 3 episodes will feature some of the best of the best. Meet Christian Giardina, Mike McCarey and Karen Portoleo.

Mike McCarey

Mike McCarey

Mike and his Cakes are nothing short from amazing. Mike is considered one of the best *D Cake Modeller His career in cake started right out of high school with a two-year term at a cooking school in Denver, Colorado. From there he worked as a pastry chef at various hotels, caterers, restaurants and bakeries in Colorado and New York. It was in Washington State where Mike decided to release his inner sculptor and focus on cake exclusively.

Karen Portoleo

Karen Portoleo

Before jumping in to the culinary world, she created props and sets for advertising. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, and was represented by Ferrin Gallery. She grew up in bakeries in south Florida, where her grandfather was a pastry chef. Combining this history with her background in art has been a seamless although unexpected evolution.

She has appeared on Food Network’s Cake Challenge 4 times, Halloween Wars and Cake wars, winning all but one.

Christian Giardina

Christian Giardina

Christian Giardina is definitely one of the most talented sugar artists on this planet. His mottos is:” Observing life and its colours, modeling ideas and serving them in the shape of a cake!” His Speciality is the modelling of sugar figurines. Especially colorful Disney-Like characters are his strength.

Stretch Goals

The first $20’000 will pay for the first 3 episodes and with each additional $7’000 we can make an additional episode. For the full season we need $70’000. Anything plus will go into financing the continuation of the show and to upgrade the quality of the content. The goal is to continue the show with traditional sponsors and ad revenues. This way you get to enjoy the show without having to pitch in again.

So please join us on this exciting journey. We will make it double worth your while by offering great rewards and by letting you be part of a show that will inspire strong women all over the world. Thank you for your support!


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