Fondant Jazzes Up Every Cake

Not every kind of icing can make cake even and pretty. Often enough, normal icing is too soft, liquid and just not enough. Whoever wants to have a cake that is not just delicious but also great looking should work with fondant. The amateur baker has so many more options for decorations with this material from gelatin and powdered sugar. No matter if you want to smooth out the cake or add artful ornaments, your creativity has no limits anymore!

In order to prepare the fondant as a cover, you need good time management. If fondant is not used quickly enough, it dries out and gets bristly. In order to prepare it, fondant needs to be kneaded until it is soft and all air bubbles that might be inside are gone. (In case you miss one, you can just open it with a needle later, though.) After you knead it, you sprinkle powdered sugar on your work surface and roll out the fondant into a thin layer- only a few millimeters thick and just wide enough that it covers the cake. 

Lift the rolled out fondant onto the rolling pin, remove any leftover powdered sugar from it and carefully place it on the cake. You should put buttercream onto the cake before placing the fondant on it so that the fondant stays in place and does not dry out your cake. In order to make the fondant stick, smooth it out first on the top and then the sides of your cake with a spatula or just your hand. If the fondant rips or wrinkles, remove the buttercream from it, knead it again and roll it out once more.

Once you have practiced this a bit and if you work with care, using fondant will be easy for you- and it will turn every cake into a feast for the eyes!

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