Goal!!! World Cup Baking Fever

The soccer (football) World Cup will soon be in full swing and that means that many men will know only one topic for those precious few weeks. The bakeries in many cities and online have already adapted their selections of delicacies every year and also offer essentials for World Cup Fever in your kitchen now. That way, you can quickly prepare some snacks for a World Cup-themed party with your neighbors or friends. You can use World Cup-themed baking tins for cakes as well as cookie cutters in the shape of jerseys, flags, shorts or soccer cleets.

If you don’t want to invest in these, you can still prepare soccer treats. Why not color some coconut flakes with green food coloring, sprinkle them onto cupcakes and put a little chocolate soccer ball or the flag of the country you want to support them? That’s how easy it is to make soccer cupcakes. Or you decorate muffins with gummi bears or chocolate drops- just arrange them in the colors of a flag. I am sure the soccer fans in the family would love to help.

You can also quickly transform any simple, white cream cheesecake into a ball cake: cut hexagons from chocolate squares and arrange them on the white cake into the shape of a football. Then you connect with chocolate lines and the simple cake turned into a football.

You are now ready for the World Cup!


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