Cake Truffles (9 Pieces)


Our cake truffles are the perfect tea and coffee snack – a small sweet cake snack that’s not to little and never too much. These little 3 bite desserts are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, so that you’ll always be ready for your morning Z’nuni and Z’vieri.

With a glass of single Terrazas‘ single vineyard Grand Malbec? With a tumbler of 30 year-old „Gentlemen“ blended whiskey? Or a warm, full-bodied aromatic Ethiopian brew? We’ve tried them all and you’ll have to taste for yourself and let us know your best combination.


The Cake Lady’s Cake Truffles



Einzigartige Geschmacksrichtungen für Geist und Körper

Standard Geschmacksrichtungen:


Vanillebiscuit mit Beerencreme 

Vanillebiscuit mit Schokoladencreme

Vanillebiscuit mit Zitronencreme

Schokoladenbiscuit mit Schokoladencreme


Auf Anfrage gegen Aufpreis:


Red Velvet mit Cream Cheese Frosting

Karottenkuchen American Style  mit Cream Cheese Frosting


The Cake Lady is celebrated in well-known magazines and television programs across Germany and Switzerland as a role model for young, strong female entrepreneurs.

The Cake Lady is an American style decorated cake boutique which creates edible art that look and taste great. Easy
ordering, high quality cakes and delivery at your convenience is our pleasure.